Center for Analysis and Socioeconomic Innovation (CAIES) is a Romanian non-profit organisation which aims at initiating and developing community development programmes for supporting citizens, public and private institutions, in order to develop the socio-economic potential of the communities.


CAIES has expertise in: motivational counseling; professional guidance and training; evaluation and certification of professional skills; developing local community development strategies; integrated programmes for business development.

CAIES is intensively focused on helping people grow sustainable businesses that drive innovation and job creation in their local communities. Our organization recognizes the importance of providing people with non-financial resources including training, mentoring, networking, technology advice, and other entrepreneurial capacity development services.

CAIES seeks to improve through its European Social Fund strategic projects the competences of people from both rural and urban environment at national level, and thus increase through integrated measures people’s chance┬áto renew their qualification and find an occupation on labour market, as employees and entrepreneurs.

CAIES has recently identified as a related priority the involvement in the non-formal educational process, its projects being focused on increasing the primary and secondary students capacity to learn through experience, and on strengthening students’ parents associations capacity to influence the quality of the educational process in schools.